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Komodo 6K with operator, $1000 per day

May 18, 2021
Contributed by: Jimbo
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If you need a camera, on set, right now (and you are in the Bay Area) you are in the right place.

That little transformer, right there in the middle of the SDI feed to the monitor, could save your production. It protects your SDI port. Why do you need that port protected? The 12G SDI port on the Komodo is fragile and can short when a powered SDI cable connects to it. To avoid shorting your SDI port (and losing any real ability to see your shot) you need an operator that understands this fragility, follows the correct start up protocol, and employs an isolator on the SDI run. GreenScreenCinema can provide you that operator, along with a Komodo 6k, on short notice.

Below is our price list. Email us for more details about lens options and wireless monitoring:
    Komodo 6K, Atomos Shogun monitor, batteries, media and operator $1000/day
    Tokina Vista lens package $250/day
    Zeiss CP2 lens package $200/day
    Zeiss Contax lens package $100/day
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