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Should You Take a Screenwriting Class From this Man?

Wednesday, June 25 2008 @ 02:56 AM UTC
Contributed by: Jimbo
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Free Film School

There's not a whole lot of show business going on in Silicon Valley, so when I heard that Santa Clara University offered a screenwriting class I thought I'd sit in and see what kind of gems could be found. The fact that SCU offered the class really caught my attention. As you know there are more scam artists than you can shake a script at preying on the Hollywood bound. If you're an actor you'll be told to get new headshots and take acting classes. And if you're a writer you'll be tempted to salve your artistic anguish with an occasional dose of screenwriting class. So what kind of pill is SCU selling?

Research on the professor, Brian Adams, doesn't turn up much. He graduated from San Jose State University. He worked on a local show called "Dialing for Dollars" that got this review from the Metroactive site:
    Only the sick, retired, malingering or hard-core unemployed are able to stay home and catch Dialing for Dollars (weekdays, 1-3pm)
OK, so his trophy case is not overflowing with Emmys. But I did find a report in the Evergreen Times that stated:
    He also gives his reviews of the Academy Award nominees each year at a meeting of the San Jose Rotary Club.
I think that's what passes for "connected" here in the Valley. Fair enough, it sounds like he's put together a career outside of Hollywood which is not always the easiest thing to do. So are his brilliant ministrations worth the $40,000 that SCU charges per semester?

I wish I could give you an answer, but before Brian even uttered the words three act structure he escorted me from the premises. Maybe "escorted" is a strong word, but I do remember actual contact with my arm as I was ushered from the classroom.

So there you have it. Tossed out of a screenwriting class by an SJSU grad. A bit humiliating, but a good reminder of why the world needs a Free Film School. I think our new slogan is going to be "we get thrown out of film school so you don't have to". There might also be a lesson in there somewhere. Though you might have dined with Lew Wasserman if you want to cut it here in the Valley you really should consider joining the Rotary Club. I hear they give a great presentation around Oscar time.